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Simon & Simon Says…
May 10, 2010

Although technically not a sitcom, Simon & Simon clearly went an extra mile or two in pursuit of the coveted title, “Gayest Show on Earth,” and so deserves an honorable mention here on Classic Gay Sitcoms.

Each episode centered on the fabulous lives of Simon (a rough-and-tumble bear daddy detective) and Simon (his blond, live-in cabana boy), and required them to solve a mystery, while managing to swim with whale-sharks, win a gay men’s fitness challenge, play stick-em-up in the wild west, and still make it to Mr. Gatti’s in time to give dear old mother her birthday kiss! And I’m talking every week!

While it’s never made clear exactly which state in the union allowed these two boys to marry and therefore share a last name jointly, what is clear is that these two strapping men were passionate about their work, their country, and each other.

Also, when was the last time you saw a flamethrower being used both literally and figuratively at the same time on network television? Sorry, Paul Lynde doesn’t count.

Saved By The Bel Ami
April 21, 2010

They’d been through a lot as a cast: driver’s ed, homecoming, caffeine pills, an improbable number of trips to Hawaii. But nothing matched the on-set tension of the boys’ first bareback encounter. Mr. Belding’s voiceover wasn’t lying: this would indeed prove to be a very special episode.


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